Release: First Time Lesbians


“Oh.” Reese saw her point.

“What about you? What do you do?” Hannah’s blue shorts were riding up her lean thigh.

Reese pretended not to notice. “I’m a travel agent,” she answered.

“Sounds like fun.’

“Yea? Well, my dad owns the agency.” She shot Hannah a wounded look.

Hannah giggled. “Okay, maybe not as fun as if you worked at an agency not owned by someone you knew.”

Reese surveyed the room. The walls were bare and there were large brown boxes peeping through the dark hallway.

“You haven’t really unpacked much, have you?”


-First Time Lesbians, Alex Long

Title: First Time Lesbians

When Hannah moves in next door, Reese is sure that her new neighbor is only clinging to her because she needs someone to show her around this new environment.
Reese quickly discovers that Hannah would be the one showing her around new things that they surely won’t have to leave the apartment for.

Release Date: 27th March, 2014

Currently Available: AMAZON


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