Release: Naughty Co-eds


NACOEDSJosh put his face over her bosom and quietly closely his lips over her nipple and sucked on it hard. Tia moaned. He let the nipple go and ran his tongue over it and then made imaginary circles around it. He eased his free hand up her skirt and between her thighs. For the first time she was aware of how wet she’d become. He parted her underwear and shoved his longer, middle finger into her wet hole. He nibbled on her nipple playfully as he did so. Tia let out a low tiny moan and spread her legs further apart. He left her nipple and put his lips to her ear again.

“Let me put it in,” he whispered in a hoarse voice. “I swear I’ll pull out.”

-A Quickie in the Library, Naughty Co-Eds

Title: Naughty Co-Eds (Two Quickie Shorts)

Naughty Co-Eds features two quickie stories themed around co-eds who know how to get down and naugthy, and have some fun.

-A Quickie in the Library
Josh Spade has never noticed the shy, busty Tia before, but Tia has seemed to notice him far too many times and heard a lot about him too.

-What Happens on a Friday Night
A casual meeting at the club quickly turns into a quick wild get-together for best friends, Danielle and Amber

Release Date: 4th February, 2014

Currently Available:  AMAZON


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