Teasing Jasen Release (+ A Surprise)

Status: AVAILABLE (links below)

(links below)

Earlier this week I announced that one of my short stories, Teasing Jasen, will be made available to you. Hours later, it was up and ready for sale on Amazon’s site and subsequently, on Smashwords. Since I’ve made a silent vow to update you of my releases only at the end of the week, I waited and waited for Friday (today). The details of this relase are listed below:

Title: Teasing Jasen
Release Date: 01/27/14
Purchase:  AMAZON

The Surprise

The first book in my Quickie Double Collection, Naughty Co-Eds, is currently in the process of an extra early release. I’m working on making a copy of this book available (at a low cost) to everyone,  in hopes that my readers can all read and enjoy it.
These quickie stories are a great read for those who enjoy getting to the action sooner… Or maybe you’d love to read a little naughty thing or two before bed.

Details of this Upcoming release are listed below:


Title: Naughty Co-Eds (Two Quickie Shorts)

Description: Two Quickie Short Stories centered around a particular theme.

Release Date: 01/31/14
* Please check the Collections page to see if this book is available.


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