Preview: Teasing Jasen

Status: AVAILABLE (links below)


Earlier this week, Teasing Jasen will be released to Amazon. This short story may fall under your normal M/ F erotica, but the story was one which I had the pleasure of creating because of its uncommon, modern approach.

“Taking a year off from college hadn’t been such a successful idea after all. He did not get ripped in a year, he didn’t feel any less anxious about facing college,..he was still just Jasen.”

During the last two weeks of summer Jasen meets the friendly and alluring Catherine, who is recently divorced and visiting her sister, Kate, and Alan, Kate’s husband.

Catherine is older, wiser and very sure of herself..including the things she could do for Jasen.

Is this short story for you?

Well, do you enjoy exploring steamy sexy scenes between an older women and younger men. 

If yes, THIS is the story for you.

No? Well, I suggest that you give older women/ younger men erotica  a try. You may be hooked for life.

Look out for Teasing Jasen. Coming to you soon.


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